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What we learn from the last trailer of IT

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The last trailer of the film It was broadcast earlier in the day, the opportunity for us to dissect it and see what it teaches us more.

Expected for next September 8, the film It is the most awaited horror film of the year 2017. It must be said that Pennywise, the clown of the film has enough to make coulrophobe the most reckless of the spectators. Having suffered from a disastrous production, with directors who left the ship in the course of road, idem for some actors, we strongly doubted to see this remake emerge and we doubted even more of its success. Now that we agree on the almost certain success of Andrés Muschietti's film, let's see what this trailer teaches us.

A work true to the novel by Stephen King

While Tommy Lee Wallace's 1990 version of the novel was flying over many passages in the novel, it was rather a shameful one. The 2017 version should clearly be the same as the novel: an encyclopedia of horror. In the trailer we can see the name of Patrick Hockstetter, a secondary character in King's novel Solipsist, that is, he thinks he is the only real person who surrounds him. He also shows many sexual interests and collects in a pencil box dead flies that he kills with his rule.

Image de l'affiche de disparition de Patrick Hockstetter du film Ça d'Andrés Muschietti

It is a character who did not appear in the film of 1990 and which is mentioned in the version 2017. Perhaps we will know a little more about his disappearance which is, without wanting to spoiler the novel to those who have not read it, really great.

Another moment faithful to the novel and this time we saw in the original film and in this remake: the death of George Denbrough. Opening scene of the novel, Bill Denbrough offers his brother a paper boat covered with an insulation called S.S. Georgie. As the rain falls, little Georgie comes out of his house to float the boat in the puddles until the latter, carried away by the current, ends up in the sewers. This is the opportunity for the reader to discover for the very first time the character of Pennywise.

Image de George Denbrough dans le film Ça d'Andrés MuschiettiImage de Pennywise dans le film Ça d'Andrés Muschietti

The clown will be much more scary in this new version

As said earlier, Tommy Lee Wallace's version was watered down from the novel, giving the clown a too clean, too luminous appearance, thus removing the horrifying side of the character. But in this version of Andrés Muschietti, the new Pennywise is darker, more disturbing, contrasting with the actor Tim Curry, famous for his roles in Rocky Horror Picture Show or Tales from the Crypt. In this new version, Bill Skarsgård, known for his role in the Hemlock Grove series, epitomizes Pennywise with brutality and ferocity that necessarily recalls the novel, even though it denotes the choice of the clown by himself is to attract children to better kill them.

What is most expected with IT

One of the things that attracts us most in the history of It is to know more about Pennywise, where it comes from and finally see what it really looks like. In the novel by Stephen King it is related that Pennywise comes straight from another universe and that its appearance, although indescribable to man, resembles a kind of big spider coming straight from the Macroverse, defined later as the Todash Space in the novels The Dark Tower.

As a multiverse centered on the novels of Stephen King, it would be really great that The Dark Tower that comes out to the cinema on August 9 reveals a spider to flee without anyone in the film see it and that it is the point of departure of the film IT. Create a connected universe like Marvel and DC Comics with the DCU and MCU but in the universe of Stephen King, the SKU!

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