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Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale Promo
Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale Promo
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Fear The Walking Dead Season 3: review of the first part

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After two seasons focused on the psychology of characters and with situations more or less lacking in rhythm, what about the first part of season 3?

Attention : Risque de spoiler

For those who have not yet read it, 12 reasons to delve into this season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead.

With the first two episodes far exceeding our expectations, would the rest of the season follow the pace set or, on the contrary, resume the rhythm of the previous two seasons and continue to lose spectators who inexorably compare this series to His big sister The Walking Dead? The answer is clearly no. Finished playing and moping in a world that goes totally in the ball. It's time for the main characters to catch the hair of the beast and move on. It means living or dying, and they have understood it this time, not letting themselves walk on their feet and becoming an actor in their own lives. Madison and her family are finally getting the job done and it's really nice. The rhythm is intense in almost every episode and you do not get bored a minute.

Image de l'épisode 7 de la saison 3 de Fear The Walking Dead

Psychology at the service of action

Once again, the psychology of the characters is still put forward, always questioning the viewer on what he would do in the same situation, but this time it is the hour of the consequences and the choices of each will lead to a set of Situations that will give this first part a frenzied rhythm that leaves dreamy, both surprising and stand out from what we had already seen with The Walking Dead and Rick's band.

No more being the gentiles. If you have to be cruel to survive, then Fear The Walking Dead's heroes will not hesitate to do so as long as the family is alive. A situation rarely seen on television that transcends the boundaries between good and evil that have existed since the night and that question the viewer on his own camp according to the actions he imagines he would do in such situations.

A mid-season finale full of tension

Of course, while waiting for the sequel to arrive on Sept. 10 on AMC, the mid-season finale had to put a mouthwatering and entice the viewer to continue the adventure during the holidays. And it is under an avalanche of tension, death, fire and a confrontation between cowboy and Indian that this first part ends, when everyone has chosen his camp for better or for worse.

Image de l'épisode 8 de la saison 3 de Fear The Walking Dead

Unfortunately for us, the end gives us no indication about the future of the season. We do not yet know what the consequences will be of the actions undertaken during this first part. However, we know in advance that the future of the characters will not be radiant. Difficult to imagine a television series in which everything would go for the best for the characters while keeping a great interest in the eyes of the spectators.

Les Plus
  • A great story
  • An explosive rhythm
Les moins
  • No notable evolution of the characters
The first part of Season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead is the ass kick that needed the license. An explosive show, full of tension and surprise to devour!

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