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Valerian: Luc Besson he succeeded his challenge?

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Today is released in French theaters Valerian and the city of a thousand planets. The biggest challenge of French cinema and a childhood dream to Besson. But has he convinced us?

Taken from a comic created by 1967 Jean-Claude Mezieres and Pierre Christin and quickly became a must, especially for breakfast Luc Bessonwhich then has a dream: to make a movie. So he had just metMezieres on the set of his film The fifth Element in 1994 Besson begins to seriously consider the creation of a film adaptation of Valerian, but the movie is not yet complete enough to allow him to live this masterpiece of French space opera. But thanks to James Cameron and his Avatar, Besson finally realizes he can give life to his childhood dream.

The film's story takes place in 2740. After a successful evolution of the space station era Soyuz in 1975, many nations and terrestrial aliens have decided to unite together in peace and harmony to share knowledge . But while the space-time agentsValerian and Laureline are on a mission, they receive a top secret mission asking them to pick up a replicator. It is from that time they will discover a hidden secret of all and the adventure of the two heroes really begin.

Image du film Valerian et la cité des mille planètes de Luc Besson

Gorgeous special effects

To achieve faithfully transcribe the work of Mezieres and Christin, he had put the package. Help of ILM to whom we owe special effects Star Wars and of Weta Workshop who worked on the trilogy Lord of the Rings and Hobbit, Luc Besson has been very successful in making us travel together Valerian and Laureline through the edge of the galaxy and Alpha station. The sets are gorgeous, realistic and provide instant diving. It is believed 200% and it would even spend his next vacation.

Image des Pearls dans le film de Luc Besson Valerian et la cité des mille planètes

An immersive soundscape

If there is indeed an extremely important point to allow immersion, is the sound. With its awesome sound effects, were really believe be witnessing in real time to the entry of vessels into the atmosphere, a space battle or a trip to a crowded market of extraterrestrials.

The music also helps to immerse themselves more in the film. Compound Alexandre Desplats, in who should the OST of Harry Potter and the relics of Death, Twilight II: New Moon or the Godzilla of Gareth Edwards, They give the film an atmosphere that is both scary and fun at times allowing the film to emphasize his family side and downright fun.

Special mention for the opening of the film that this is a remix of the song Space Oddity of David Bowie, but for the concluding film. Sung by Alexiane, the niece Luc Besson, this song sums up the movie with its powerful rhythm and explosive voice of the young singer. Perfect music for the end of a film that could have been.

An unfortunately not developed enough history

Unfortunately, the film's story perfectly well that great context and that dream is sorely lacking in a world rich with detail. Comics Valerian is composed of 23 volumes that have enabled the development of a world so rich that Mezieres had to leave The sky Inhabitants, An encyclopedia that comes over all creatures invented to comics. There is also alove story between Valerian and Laureline that is woven between them over the numbers, but unfortunately, Besson did not have time to do in film 2:09. So we end up with a film that is going too fast, which does not dwell on the majestic and grandiose world of comics to go straight to the point: to entertain the audience and fulfill the childhood dream of Luc Besson.

Image du film Valerian et la cité des mille planètes de Luc Besson

Sure, said like that, the film may look invalid, but this is absolutely not the case. If Luc Besson had the benefit of a trilogy from the beginning, the film would have been perfect to start this long journey with Valerian. But on one film is extremely fast which fulfills its role: to entertain. The viewer does not know the comics will be ultimately be satisfied with this one film, which is a good thing, is forced to read the comics for more, which is a good thing. A masterstroke of Besson regardless of the choice he made when creating the film.

To conclude this review of the movie, I recommend everyone to go see the latest film Luc Besson. If you liked The fifth Element, besides the many nods to the film, you will find the paw of the director and dive into a cult work at the end of which you really come away satisfied and at best, curious of the original work.

Les Plus
  • Amazing special effects
  • A truly credible actor duo
  • A grandiose music
Les moins
  • A story not developed enough
  • No result of planned yet
A dazzling galactic epic that gives a boost to the Valerian and Laureline license and should enable many spectators to discover or rediscover the French space opera worship. There will have been Star Trek, Star Wars, there is now Valerian!

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