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Resident Evil 7: Revelation on Redfield with DLC Not a Hero

Jeu Vidéo Written by on 2 min

It’s official : Capcom confirmed in a tweet announcing a future DLC the identity of the mysterious character which appears at the end of Resident Evil 7. Be careful : spoiler inside!

Attention : Risque de spoiler

“I’m Redfield”, the special forces agent tells me after landing chopper. I have beaten Evelyn for the last time. The battle was quite expeditive but the terrific adventure was exhausting. So I am pleased to hear a name that sounds so familiar. But there is a problem. The physic doesn’t match. Is it the effect of the RE Engine’s scalpel ? Or is the truth out there ? The trouble is bigger when you see the logo of the machiavelic Umbrella Corporation on the chopper.

Chris Redfield ?

Umbrella ??

Together ???

And that’s all it takes for speculations going viral on the web. Is he a member of the Redfield’s family ? After all, he introduces himself by saying his name, not his first name. Why not his son ? It would explain why he looks so young.

According another theory, it would be Chris Redfiled, but not the real one. Put another way, he would be a clone. It would fit with the past of the saga in terms scientific experimentations.

A popular assumption mentions Hunk, a mercenary of Umbrella who appeared in a bonus of Resident Evil 2 for the first time. The explanation is the more credible that there is a “H” in on the front of his helmet.

Nothing special at the end. Capcom announces in a tweet a futur DLC with Chris Redfield. THE Chris Redfield. “Who or what is he chasing ?”, says the tweet.

To be continued in Spring 2017.

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