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Sense8 canceled by Netflix, angry fans react on Twitter

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This is the bad news of the evening. Netflix has decided to cancel the series of Sisters Wachowski Sense8, fans pour their anger on Twitter.

The cancellation of a series is like a sword of Damocles, it weighs on all that launches and each fan dreads firmly the Kourou of the producers. If excellent series such as The Whispers, Heroes Reborn, Almost Human or Defiance have been suspended for no good reason (for us simple consumer), the producers of Sense8 also leave us in the blur the most total concerning this cancellation.

Will Netflix be behind the cancellation?

It is difficult not to ask this simple question to justify an incomprehensible choice. But when one knows that Netflix had hardly ever canceled since its beginnings, this possibility is quickly avoided. But it is without counting on the words of its CEO Reed Hastings who announced yesterday at the CNBC that the service had not canceled enough TV series at the moment.

« Our hit ratio is way too high right now, I'm always pushing the content team; we have to take more risk, you have to try more crazy things, because we should have a higher cancel rate overall. »

Fans are angry

Sense8 was before a story of heart, tolerance and ambitious who knew to conquer the fans instantly. The talent of the Wachowski sisters who created the Matrix license and Cloud Atlas to tell stories helped the viewer enjoy the show. But then, fans are angry and shouts their dissatisfaction on Twitter becoming very quickly in Top Tweet with hashtag #sense8. A heart story with the series that ignites the canvas.

But if you also want the return of the series, two petitions already circulate on the canvas. It may not return the series, but who knows, the FOX to turn over his jacket as to the cancellation of The Exorcist!

>> Petition on = 60659 signatures at the time of writing

>> Petition on = 17 signatures at the time of writing the article also

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