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All news from Westworld panel

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Follow live via this article all the information revealed during the panel of the serie Westworld.

At 4:15pm, west coast, Saturday, July 22 will be the panel of the serie Westworld which here all the live news.

Flux de direct

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The panel begins soon

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Inspiration for Westworld

"It was a good excuse to play video games. Jonah used it as a chance to play Red Dead Redemption." - Lisa Joy on inspiration for Westworld

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Jonathan Nolan says he uses music that's familiar to strike certain emotional chords with viewers.

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According to Jonathan Nolan their long-term plan is to propose a park in real life.

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"I just went on Reddit." Jeffrey Wright on trying to figure out wtf was going on in Westworld

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Marsden on Teddy: "He felt like he needed to protect Dolores… but then he realized she was fine a little late in the game!”

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