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Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale Promo
Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale Promo
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All news from Supernatural panel

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Follow live via this article all the information revealed during the panel of the serie Supernatural.

At 10:30am, west coast, Sunday, July 23 will be the panel of the serie Supernatural which here all the live news.

Flux de direct

The panel begins soon

The producers of the series tease season 13

Kansas in live at SDCC

The panel arrives

"It was a bloodbath." Jensen Ackles on the season finale

Room erupted in screams of "no!" when they talked about Castiel being dead!

Misha: They may have had to take the story where it went - but I'm not going away

Misha Collins will be present in season 13

Jared teased this girl who collapsed when she realized that Jared, Jensen and Misha were in the crowd when Kansas was playing.

Panel pictures

The cast is teasing Jared about the tweet about him having a small penis. Tells story about Misha tweeting it

The entry of panel

The cast is teasing each other about sharing phones and posting things for each other.

the ever optimistic Sam Winchester is more optimistic about jack.

'Wayward Sisters': the spinoff adds the trio and the newcomer to the casting

Andrew Dabb calls this season with Sam, Dean & spawn of the devil Jack "Hell's version of My Two Dads."

Dean is a Debby-Downer in the beginning of the season

Bob Singer: "Spoiler alert: Mom’s not dead." Dean's trying to move on, Sam wants to find her

"Build a sense of community and then tear it all down."


Supernatural Spinoff: Kathryn Newton's Claire, Three Others Join Backdoor Pilot

Some people who have been long dead on the show are less dead in apocalypse world

Missouri Moseley will be returning in season 13

When they asked who will be coming back, the audience yelled Crowley. This is hard to listen to

Broadcast date

Season 13 will air on October 12th on The CW

spoiler death

For Misha, the thought of losing Dean & Sam is heartbreaking & made him choked up. This is his family & the deaths feel real.

Loretta Devine is back for Supernatural Season 13


Jared is talking about when he cried while shooting croatoan

We go to the fans questions

A dad is talking for her daughter cause she has social anxiety and thanking the boys for helping her get better

Fav props: fans scream BABY

Jensen: BABY ISNT A PROP she's a part of me

Misha Collins : my favorite prop is Dean

Jared loved the demon blade, Jensen his angel blade, and Misha loved Dean

The last fan asking a question has her baby with her, and he's named ... wait for it ... Jensen

The panel is over

The panel is unfortunately over. Thank you all for reading and see you soon


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