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SDCC2017: MGM announces the release of a Stargate web series

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On the sidelines of the 20th anniversary of the Stargate SG-1 series, the MGM studio took advantage of the San Diego Comic Con to announce the launch of a Stargate web series.

Since the announcement of the re-launch of the Stargate license via a new trilogy of which we have had no news for a little while, the Stargate license gradually fell into oblivion. But thanks to the many fans around the world and the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the Stargate SG-1 series last night at Comic-Con, we had the pleasure and the huge surprise to discover that the MGM was planning to release a web series entitled Origins.

The origins of the film by Roland Emmerich

This 10-episode web series will address the origins of the discovery of the stargate in Roland Emmerich's first 1994 film. We will follow the daughter of the archaeologist who discovered the stargate, Catherine Langford that we have already seen in the film.

The cast is currently still under preparation and shooting is expected to begin next month for a broadcast in the fall on MGM's new VOD service. Bad news that could deprive us of a legal release.

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