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Avoid blockages Youtube!

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Everyone has already got stuck in front of this window YouTube forbidding him to see this video? But know that it is legally possible to override this and to finally be free to be able to see what you want?

To find out if you are among the 85% of French to be blocked to certain US YouTube videos, you just try to watch the video below. If you succeed, then you are lucky or computer. Otherwise, follow this tutorial!

How YouTube can block us and why?

Put simply, it is not blocking YouTube videos, but publishers who post their videos. More and more channels offer episodes replay, of old episodes summaries and exclusive content that can cause the spoils for users in that episode has not yet aired.

To block us, YouTube uses a geolocation tool through your IP address you located in the world and thereby exclude from viewing addresses of users from unwanted countries.

To still be able to see the videos in question, two solutions:

1) Hide My Ass!

Hide my ass is a website which uses the same process that a proxy to connect to the server and YouTube and you unlock the video. To do this is simple: copy the video link and paste it into the field provided for this purpose. Please copy the link out of the video and not one that does not. Example: In the following link, only what is green is to keep:

So select your code, open and paste the code of land to appear your video.

Know that there is a Hide My Ass plugin for Chrome, Firefox and IE that allows a click to avoid blocking.

2) Configure your Proxy!

If the Hide my Ass solution scares you and you want to put your hands dirty permanently, then look no further, you are at right place.

To easily configure your proxy to YouTube to believe that you are based in China, you will have to initially the UltraSurf software.

UltraSurf runs Windows on all browsers and does not need to be installed.

1) Run the program and verify that it is connected to a server
2) Select one of three options (default is selected the first and still works)
3) Set in the proxy of your browser options to access the Internet:, 9666 port.

This option is located along the following paths:
_ FIREFOX: Tools / Options ... / Advanced / Connection: Configure how Firefox connects to the Internet, click the "Settings ..." button and select "Manual Proxy Configuration". Check that "No proxy for" cart.
_ Chrome and IE: Control Panel (Windows) / Internet Options / Connections / "Network Settings" button, check the "Use a proxy server" and fill in the IP address and port. Use this proxy for all protocols.
4) Lastly, open your browser and surf normally!

For more information on UltraSurf and on what to do:

Both ways work fine because it uses the same proxy usage process. One is temporary, but easy and the other is "final" and more or less complicated.

As you make your choice and surf freely at last.

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