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How do I remove the labels from the boxes plastic/cardboard?

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If like me you are a collector and you regularly buy at discount stores such as Planet Cash, Easy Cash, Cash Converter and others, you are necessarily already got stuck when you wanted to remove the label and that it left the traces or was persistent. With this tutorial, you will definitely end up in with the labels!

There moult ways to remove an internet etiquette, but I'd do you share only two ways I've experienced personally.

1) The method "Patient"

To remove a label with patience, you will need:

  1. Gasoline F. Gasoline F is not easy to find and gasoline A can be used, but it is more aggressive and may damage your cardboard boxes.

  2. Cotton

  3. Tweezers (optional). Your nails may do the trick.

In a plastic case:

/!\ Please remove all paper in the box under penalty of damaging /!\

To remove a label from a plastic housing, moisten the F gasoline cotton and pat on the label. Wait ten seconds for it to be soaked. When done, use the tweezers or your fingernails to slowly peel off the label. As with a plastic housing, you can easily remove the label in two or three shots.

EmuNova EmuNova

In a cardboard box:

/! \ Please carefully follow the steps to the letter to avoid damaging your housing /! \

To remove a label from a cardboard box, moisten the cotton and tap lightly on the label. Wait ten seconds and gently remove the label of the order of a millimeter each time and repeat the process until the label is completely removed.

This step is long, but necessary to avoid damaging the box.

EmuNova EmuNova

2) The method "Brutale"

If patience is not one of your strengths or you hate those pesky labels as much as me, so prefer this brutal method défoulera without damaging the casing.

You'll need :

  1. Baby wipes

  2. The towel

  3. Of elbow grease

This surprising method works great. This is the one I use all the time. It is cheap (0.80 € 80 wipes) and allows to vent.

Housing plastic and cardboard box:

/!\ Please remove any paper in the box under risk of damage /!\

You are facing the label, wipe by hand, it'll just frantically rub the label to see it disappear completely. Regularly use the paper towel to absorb excess liquid and avoid to put across.
Once the party label, it will do more than scrub harder to remove excess glue. Use your fingernail to remove the bulk will save you time.

Remove the label Heroes Remove the label Heroes

If the glue is too complicated to remove, use a little fuel F to dissolve the glue and remove it without worry. Personally, I have never needed to use more fuel F in this method as you can see in this video.

And that, you end up with a perfect box, worthy of inclusion in your collection. And besides, it's all clean and feels baby's bottom!
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