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How to restore power to Nuka World?

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Last DLC of Fallout 4, it takes us Nuka World, a theme park dedicated to the Coca-Cola universe as great a Disneyland, but all in the post-apocalyptic universe of the license . Here's how to restore power to the park.

To restore power to Nuka World and thus able to operate again some rides in the park, including that of Galactic Zone which is just great though too short, you will have two options for reaching your goals. The good and the bad. In both cases, it will have completed the quest "A little tour" Which is to clean all areas of the park.

The right method

To restore power to the park while remaining a good guy, you have to go to Nuka World market and find Mackenzie Bridgeman, Which allows you to activate the quest "The hunt is on" Who asked to hunt down and kill the leaders of the three gangs of looters Mason, Nisha, William and Black Mags.

So go to camp the pack, the operators and Disciplesand get ready for a very tough fight against all camp looters. Once you have killed one of them, you'll be public enemy World Nuka. Except for the "slaves" of the park. Prepare a max of Stimpack, ammunition and armor assisted well customized.

Beware though, if Porter Gage your companion, be aware that not all appreciate what you do and will turn against you. In all cases, you will have no choice but to kill him.

Nisha, la chef du gang des Disciples de Nuka Town dans Fallout 4 William Black, chef du gang des Opérateurs à Nuka Town dans Fallout 4

Mason, le chef du gang pillard de La Meute dans le DLC Nuka Town de Fallout 4

Once done, go back Mackenzie to close the quest and have the opportunity to go to the power plant to restore power throughout the park. It is located west of World Nuka.

L'emplacement de la centrale électrique de Nuka Town dans Fallout 4

Once there, go around there to find the entrance to the center and get ready to face the many ghouls that inhabit the area. The plant is a tall building, made entirely of stairs will take you up and down in a maze. But to restore power, you have to go on the roof and to do this is via a simple scale stashed in a dark corner of the room last visit before returning to the building entrance and having to retype the whole course.

L'échelle pour se rendre sur le toit de la centrale éléctrique de Nuka Town dans Fallout 4

Once on the roof you'll have to climb the stairs and enter the prefabricated to find the famous button that will trigger a fireworks when you will restore the current.

Le bouton pour rallumer le courant dans Nuka Town, le DLC de Fallout 4

In Bad Guy mode !

If you're the bad boy or girl genre, you will complete the quest "soft Focus" Who asked to relocate poor plunderer in your camps Commonwealth, Drawing you in addition the animosity of militiamen. Once done, according to the division of territories that you made betweenthe pack, Disciples and the operators, One of the looters groups will be happy sharing and will turn against you. He will take possession of the power plant park and you will be responsible to dislodge them.

Les pillards de la centrale électrique de Nuka Town dans Fallout 4

Even travels for the good guys Version except that you will not be attacked by ghouls, but by looters. On the roof, you will meet the leader of the gang who hate you and once shot, you get the local key to finally activate the magic button that will restore the stream in the park and end the DLC World Nuka.

Bouton pour rallumer le courant à Nuka Town dans le DLC de Fallout 4 du même nom

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