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Overwatch : what to do, what to avoid

Overwatch, the last piece of fun from Blizzard, is a game that demands a lot of team play, and generally, in a game, if one team play as a team and in the other one, everyone is going solo, the first team is going to win for sure.

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Overwatch, the last piece of fun from Blizzard, is a game that demands a lot of team play, and generally, in a game, if one team play as a team and in the other one, everyone is going solo, the first team is going to win for sure.

As so, when you play Overwatch, there are some annoying players who really can spoil the game, and I know what I’m talking about. But on the opposite, some players are just cool to play with, but there unusual… So, here is a kind of « Overwatch : how to have a nice moment shooting at each other’s ! »

Have a healer and protect-them!

I feel close to the feeling inside that title, because I often play with a healer, Mercy, Ana or Zenyata (I rarely choose Lùcio, except when we have to be the first team on an objective). And when I hear “need healing”, and it comes from the middle of the battlefield, I’m just like “nope, nope, nope”. Why? I would die immediately. A healer is not a soldier, and there here to assist, not to kill. It’s an important member of the team because it can prevent you from death, which is a deadly disease. When the time before you respawn is that long, and when you have to go through the entire map to go back to the battlefield, so about 20 seconds for all of that, at least, it’s better to enjoy the healing beam of Mercy a little bit away from the battle.

Moreover, healers have plenty of interesting abilities: Mercy can boost your fire power, Lùcio can make you move quicker, Zenyata can make the opponents easier to kill, and Ana can poison the enemies, or make them fall asleep, and heal you without changing weapons. So, yeah, healers are not great to kill enemies, but that’s not their purpose, and they are really useful as support.

But you have to protect the healer of your team. They can recover heath by themselves quite quickly, but they’re still easy to put down. They are not made for close range battle, nor for any range battle in fact. So if you want to enjoy their abilities, please, protect the god damn healer! And vote for them at the end!

PS: how do you feel when you’re playing an offensive character, and then, a healer got the play of the game? They’re so badass when it happens.

How to be a sniper

When you start a new game, have a look at the already selected heroes. If there already are Genji and Hanzo, don’t dare choose Widowmaker! As it is written: too many snipers! If you play three snipers, that lets one tank, one support and one offensive hero. ONE OFFENSIVE hero only is not enough if you play an attack game, and who to choose as support hero: you will need both healer and trap/turret character. So, two snipers, ok, three, forget it. But one is enough.

Moreover, if you play as a sniper, don’t go in close range fight! Snipers are made to be snipers, to shoot from long range distance, without being noticed, so choose a high position, a bit hidden, kneel, and shoot. If you aim well (right in the head), you will one shot a lot of enemies, but you will sometimes have to be patient. Snipers are powerful, but they remain support heroes. If you want to play a close range hero, choose between Sombra or Tracer, for example.

So, play a sniper if there is none in your team, and shoot from a far distance.

Play as a team

OK, not everyone got 5 friends who got the game, and you can’t have your own team. And you don’t have a microphone to talk to the other players. But that’s not as big a problem as you might think because simple orders are in the game (need healing, group up, …). And try to never stay alone, stick with at last one teammate. Enjoy Reinhardt’s shield or others characters abilities to know the enemy position. Locate your healer and protect them. To keep it simple try to think about what the needs of your team are, and never mind if you have to choose another hero.

Follow the objectives

Objectives are simple: capture and protect/escort a strategic point/payload. I often see in action a very inefficient strategy: the one by one attack… You get killed quickly over and over again because you’re an easy target to an organized team. In order to capture and defend an objective, you need a strategy. You can’t always communicate with your teammates, but you can follow one of them. According to the kind of character you play, your job will not be the same. Tanks defend objectives because they are long, so hard, to kill. If an offensive hero if with them, the tank protects him, blocking damages, while the offensive player deals damage to the enemy.

You also can defend a position with turrets and/or traps (Tobjorn, one powerful and resistant turret you can repair; Symetra, 6 little turrets, fragile but discrete; Junkrat, bear traps that can stop an enemy and prevent them from any movement …). Snipers are quite good too to protect an objective from distance.

Team composition is the key and it will change according to the type of game you are playing (attack of defend). More offensive heroes are welcome in attack, and more supports in defend. Here are examples of basic team composition:

In attack: 2-3 offensive heroes; 1-2 tank(s) heroes; 1 healer; 1 support/defence hero.

In defend: 1 offensive hero; 1-2 tank(s) heroes; 1 healer; 2-3 support/defence heroes

Of course, those are just suggestions, and you can play a totally different kind of team if you prefer to play hyper-offense or hyper-defence, but do that with friends. When you are playing with strangers, I really advice you to stick to that kind of composition.

Change your hero

We get it, you’re good with Hanzo, but for God’s sake, we already have a Widowmaker in the team! And a Genji! There’s a reason if even the game is yelling “Too many snipers” at you.

I just gave you an idea for a team constitution. If you join a game, and all your favourite characters are already taken, instead of being a jerk by taking a third sniper we don’t need, try to play another character! I love to play as the team healer, but if I see there already is a Zenyata, I’ll choose D.VA. If there are also enough tanks, I’ll play whatever the team needs. I used to be bad with offensive characters, but I learned to be good (well, not bad) with at least two of them, just in case.

And sometimes, you will have to change your hero during the game: to compensate an ally who left or just to adapt your strategy to the enemies in front of you. Some heroes are better in a situation than the others: Pharah can get rid of a Bastion or scatter a wall of enemies; Tracer can surprise everyone by attacking from behind and be a distraction; don’t forget Reinhardt got an powerful shield, … Don’t hesitate to change hero during a game, it can change the game.

Here is an advice: try all heroes in training or in Mystery Hero mode, you will be better acquainted with every one of them.

Let’s sum up

When you play Overwatch, it is most important you know every hero and their abilities in order to be able to play them and defend yourself against them, and that you can be good with at least two heroes of each kind (attackers, defence/support, tank, healer). Mastering a character, it’s one of the keys to win. Don’t hesitate to try heroes in different modes (VS. AI, Mystery Heroes, …) and play competitive game only with hero you’re really good with, at least, you won’t spoil the game for everyone.

But the most important thing is team play. Knowing the character means you know their strengths and weaknesses. Some duos can be very powerful (Pharah/Mercy). Keeping all of those things in mind, it’s having more chances to win a game, but more importantly, it’s having a better chance to have a good time. A play where everyone is going solo, it’s frustrating, a play where everyone is playing as they should, even if you lose, it’s quite pleasant and satisfying.

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