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Horizon Zero Dawn : How to kill Thunderjaws in Cauldron Zeta

If as a huge player you want to be able to hack any machines, you will inevitably go through the Cauldron Zeta. But how can we kill the Thunderjaw?

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If as a huge player you want to be able to hack any machines, you will inevitably go through the Cauldron Zeta. But how can we kill the Thunderjaw?

Attention : Risque de spoiler

The game has been tested in French, we do not know the exact name of the weapons and traps used in English. Sorry for lack of information

There is a multitude of ways to kill a Thunderjaw in Horizon Zero Dawn. They all depend on how you play, your skills, but also your equipment. Nevertheless, luck is still an important factor to overcome this enemy who harasses you in this enclosed environment in which you do not have a place where you hide. However, we found one. A discreet place, plunged in the dark and high enough to hide you in a standing position, but also has many disadvantages. However, that was the only way that allowed me to get through this metal monster.

To successfully beat the Thunderjaw, you will need a minimum of equipment to get through easily. You will need explosive traps, a Carja precision arc and an explosive sling. Increase it all by using damage improvements to do as much damage as possible to the machines. Once done, go to the Cauldron Zeta.

Entrée du creuset Zeta dans le jeu vidéo Horizon Zero Dawn

Once in the crucible, you will have no enemies to shoot down to the Thunderjaw. There, after the kinematics, kill the two watchmen to be quiet and finally ready to take action against this monster of steel, easy to kill in the open, almost impossible in a closed place. Make it round the crucible to recover as much of the object and care grass if not already done. Once done and if it is not already done, it will be necessary to find the place that will allow you to be hidden or at least to be able to attack quietly.

Step 1: find a hiding place

See you face to face with this creature enclosed in its bubble. There is a climbing structure that will allow you to hack the crucible and release the Kraken Thunderjaw. Once in front, go on your left, in absolute black towards a triangular chest on the ground. There you will see an advanced black pointed shape. By mounting on it, you will find that it is hollow and therefore, you can hide yourself in it. Be careful, however, if the Thunderjaw sends you blows with its tail, it passes through the structure and you will suffer damage. This is where the second phase of our plan of attack comes into play.

Le Gueule d'Orage du Creuset Zeta dans Horizon Zero Dawn

Step 2: prepare the ground

Once the hiding place is found, you will need to secure his access to prevent the Thunderjaw from approaching you. There, your imagination comes into play. Place electrical wires to make it fall with your cable gun, place explosive bombs that trigger in case of damage, but also the one that automatically triggers as it passes. By doing this, you will double the damage you will inflict. Do not forget that this creature is afraid of frost. So if you have ice traps, do not hesitate. Go back up to the tip of your hiding place, but do not place a bomb too close to avoid damage. It would be a shame.

Once done. Place to action.

Step 3: Attack

Equip yourself with your Carja Precision Arc and more precisely your shock arrows. They will allow you to boning and disarming the Thunderjaw. Climb on the structure in front of the machine, breathe a great blow, drink a glass of water, because the fight will be long and tedious. Hack it and instantly use your focus to reveal its weaknesses. When the blue protective bubble disappears completely, pull your shock arrows over its lances to remove it. Then run you hide. The Thunderjaw hates it. Henceforth, it is furax and will not let go of a sole. Once in "the shelter", he should follow you and fall into your traps. Continue with your shock arrows to de-zill his radar on his back and his cannons on his head. It will be difficult, but it is a way of doing it. Along the way, when you feel the opportunity come, use your explosive sling to do as much damage as possible. If the beast is over you, quickly switch weapons and use your shock arrows to remove as much armor as possible. And then resume with your explosive sling and so on. You should beat that opponent in less than 5 minutes

Once done, recover the maximum item and hack the central pillar to end this crucible and exit through the large door. But be careful, if you like me, you went up without killing any Tracker before, they will always be three in front of the entrance. So either you've had your fight count and you use a quick move to get yourself immune, or you're up against his enemies to boost your XP.

That's how I managed to defeat that Thunderjaw. And you, how did you kill it?

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