Dulvey Haunted House

La Dulvey Haunted House est la maison de la famille Baker situé en Louisiane aux Etats-Unis. Cette maison est présumé hantée depuis la disparition mystérieuse de Jack et Marguerite Baker en 2014. Elle...

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The Dulvey Haunted House is the home of the Baker family located in Louisiana in the United States. This house is presumed to be haunted since the mysterious disappearance of Jack and Marguerite Baker in 2014. It is the subject of a television program Sewer Gators with its team composed of Clancy Javis, Peter Walken and Andre Stickland.

History of the house

After the disappearance of the Baker family in the year 2014, a police investigation was carried out in order to find the three members of the family. After much research on the premises and in the neighborhood, no trace was found and the house is considered abandoned. The following year, strange sounds are heard around the home of Baker without their origins being justified. It was at this moment that the house was supposed to be haunted. Between 2014 and June 2017, a group of five people went to the scene for reasons still unknown. Grace, Phil, Stanley, Marlene and Timy disappear mysteriously. They will never have been discovered.

Architecture of the house

The Baker House consists of two floors and a basement which contains various storage boxes and funeral bags. It is also here that Ethan Winters will meet for the first time the Molded.

The ground floor consists of a reception hall, a lounge, a long corridor and a kitchen / dining room. Next to the living room is the bathroom and the stairs leading to the basement.

The first floor consists only of a corridor with a small recess on its right. It has a fuse box that is needed to activate the staircase that leads to the second floor.

The second and last floor of the house is actually the attic of the Baker home. It is filled with mannequin and has a window that leads to the roof of the house allowing to unblock the good end of the Beginning Hour demo.

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