Sewer Gators

Sewer Gators est une émission de télévision américaine spécialisée dans le paranormal et présenté par Peter Walken. Elle fût mentionnée pour la première fois dans la démo du jeu vidéo Resident Evil 7....

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Sewer Gators is an American television show specializing in the paranormal and presented by Peter Walken. It was mentioned for the first time in the demo of the video game Resident Evil 7.

History of the show

The television program Sewer Gators was created in mid-2015 by presenter Peter Walken and producer Andre Stickland. At the first program that was shot in Amarillo, Texas, and broadcast in 2015, the show had no good criticism because of the sound that was defective. The error could not be corrected at editing using automated dialogue replacement, but the fault on a limited budget, this can only be set up. Other problems within the technical team led the production to turn the main cameraman at the end of the sixteenth episode and finally hired Clancy Javis.

The 17th episode of Sewer Gators does not exist as such. It was shot in June 2017 at Dulvey Haunted House, but the disappearance of the team ended the show. Andre, Pete and Clancy were attacked by Jack Baker who first killed Andre, serving his body as a bait for Pete and Clancy who were subsequently captured. Pete will end up decapitated by an unknown woman while the fate of Clancy is not yet known.

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