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Stephen King is a prolific author having completed more than fifty novels and more than two hundred new. The majority of its texts all more or less bound by what is called the Multiverse which rises directly novels The Dark Tower.

History of the Multiverse

Initially, a magical presence named Prim but also known as the “Darkness Behind Everything,” gave birth to Gan a metaphysical form erected as a tower known as The Dark Tower. It is surrounded by six beams protected by twelve guards.

One of his guards is Maturin, the turtle. It is said that one day this turtle threw up an entire universe called Keystone Earth and is a reflection of our real world. It includes an alternative version Stephen King himself and this is where we find the Pink.

Some people the power to travel through by borrowing entitled passage Todash or rare artifacts like Wizard’s Rainbow, the Talisman or the Lil’Pink.

Gan uses Stephen King to tell the story of Gunslinger, the Pistolero in French appointed Roland Deschain to carry up The Dark Tower. If the author dies before the gunslinger has not accomplished its mission and King Crimson launch Discordia on the different kingdoms thus ending the universe because no story would be to tell.

The High Speech, the Language of the Multiverse

Ka is a word of the language The Dark Tower and allows direct all living and non-living things. Will of Gan, this mysterious force is equivalent to the intended. It is a guide or a destination, but not an end. Being neither good nor bad, Ka has no moral closest karma.

The official website Dark Tower described as follows: “Ka … means life force, consciousness, duty does fate. In the Vulgate, or low speech, it also means a place where an individual needs to go.

Some words in High Speech

Many sentences, High Speech has the word Ka due to the importance of this word to the king:

  • ka-babes: Young member ka-tet.
  • ka-tel: An apprentice gunslinger class.
  • ka-mai: A person who is the fool.
  • ka-me: wise man; opposite ka-May.
  • ka-ka: a prophet.
  • ka-shume: A unique feeling that a ka-tet is destined to break soon.
  • te-ka: a friend.
  • Can’-Ka No Rey: The red fields where the Dark Tower.
  • ka-tet can Gan: The navel (specifically that of Gan).
  • ka-ka Gan: Singer singing Gan/prophet Gan.
  • ves-ka Gan: The edge of the Turtle.


A ka-tet is a group of beings gathered by ka. “We are ka-tet. A brand is more” Explain Roland Deschain the day before Battle of Algul Siento. Ka-tet is the belief that a group of people can be bound by fate, or ka. They say a group shared “khef” or water of life. Sometimes the symbol of water is used literally, as in the ritual Roland and his ka-tet perform the night before the Battle of Algul Siento. In the seventh novel, Susannah Dean finally realized that ka perhaps more than includes Roland himself, in simple terms, “ka-tet “Means family.

The ka-tet of Roland comprises Eddie Dean, Susannah Dean, Oy and Jake Chambers. In the last ka-tet of Roland has included Cuthbert Allgood, Jamie De Curry and Alain Johns.

Ka statement in other Stephen King works and connections between the works

The term Ka can also be found in other novels Stephen King for example in Heart lost in Atlantis in which the character of Ted Brautigan is actually a ray breaker who escaped the servant, King Crimson who want to kill him to allow the destruction of The Dark Tower. But also the character of Raymond Fiegler which is also Randall Flagg by its propensity to use pseudonyms always with initial RF. Flagg is an antagonist that seeks to plunge the world into chaos. It is responsible for preventing Roland Deschain reaching The Dark Tower in the literary saga of the same name in which he is best known as the Walter o’Dim.

In Desolation, we find Tak, an entity owned a town sheriff to Desolation which imprisons its people to kill. It is served by lower spirits called “can-you” which also appear in the novel The Dark Tower, but using this time the King Crimson. In the same novel, the character of Tom Billingsey mention of Tommyknockers, kinds of poltergeists similar to Gremlins. In this novel, the character of James Eric Gardener mentions Ka.

With novel Insomnia, Stephen King its protagonist plunges Ralph Roberts in the heart of the kingdom of Dark Tower with characters from Klotho, Lachesis and Atropos, named after the name of Fates, The Greek gods of Destiny. There is also in this novel the basketball Gage Creed The child who is hit by a truck in the novel Pet Sematary and also the character of Mike Hanlon that was discovered in the novel It.

Mike Hanlon who is a survivor Pennywise and only The Losers Club to be stayed Derry. This is the only club to have kept intact the memory of Pennywise and became librarian. Pennywise, Bob Gray or It is an entity that can take many forms, but disguised as a clown to attract children. It is actually a kind of giant spider, but difficult to describe, because it is difficult for the human brain to identify what it actually collects. It comes from Macroverse and is nemesis Maturin Turtle.

References to Pennywise are made in the novel Tommyknockers in which one of the characters says he saw a clown Derry with dollars in the eyes to refer to Pennywise while Ev Hillman hears laughter in the pipeline Derry. It is also mentioned It in the novel Dreamcatcher where four childhood friends who grew up in Derry find themselves in front of the old water tower. Reading the plaque erected by The Losers Club in honor of the victims of Pennywise, Jonesy then under the control of Mr Gray, one of the identities of Pennywise, Approaches the plate and reads the inscription, “The still life clown.”

First real success Stephen King, the novel makes many references to other works Stephen King as when the father Mike Hanlon tells his son how was the fire of Black Spot, making mention of his old military friend Dick Hallorann Cook the Overlook Hotel in Shining. The car led Henry Bowers is a Plymouth Fury 1958 red and white, the same model as the car Christine of the novel eponym.

In Misery, Paul Sheldon remembers being with neighbor Eddie Kaspbrak. More recently, the novel Under the Dome, the symbol on the box is the same as that found on the door of the den Pennywise.

In The Mist, The fog that invaded Brighton in the Maine and the creatures it contains come from Todash Space through a portal transdimensional by the project activity Arrowhead.

The multiverse cinema/TV

In the cinema, with the upcoming release of The Dark Tower, You are entitled to a series of projects Stephen King four of which will come out in 2017: The Dark Tower August 9, Mr. Mercedes August 9 also, The Mist August 25 and It 20 September. Although all his works are not clearly linked, we were able to identify many elements dear to the work of Stephen King.

Mr. Mercedes

In the first trailer for the new series of AT&T we could see the character played by Brendan Gleeson, the Detective Bill Hodges feed a turtle in his driveway referring to Maturin.

Image de la série Mr Mercedes

A few shots later, it’s a clown costume that appears in the Mercedes to be used to kill eight people referring to clown It.

Image de la série Mr Mercedes

then on computer screen Brady Hartsfield We see a novice countdown on the number 19, a recurring figure Stephen King.

Image de la série Mr Mercedes

And finally the word can be seen on a damaged vehicle Johnson Construction, Certainly compared with the figure of Curtis Johnson in the new, a very small area in which he finds himself locked in the bathroom in the middle of a construction site, because the character is fighting with its neighbor because of a plot.

Image de la série Mr Mercedes

The Dark Tower

In the latest trailer dated movie The Dark Tower You can see the photo of the Overlook Hotel of Shining But also the circus Pennywise the film It. In addition, the recent promotion made by the film on Facebook reveals the movie title The Dark Tower with a floating red ball behind.

Image de l'Overlook Hotel du film Shining apparaissant dans le film La Tour Sombre
Image du cirque de Pennywise dans le film La Tour Sombre

Plongez dans l’univers de #LaTourSombre avec Roland et l’Homme en Noir, le 9 août au cinéma !

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The Mist

Of course, the creatures of The Mist are still in the game in the latest series.

Créature de The Mist par Stephen King
Créature de The Mist par Stephen King

Castle Rock

Designed by JJ Abrams and Stephen King, Series Castle Rock immerses the viewer in the heart of the fictional town invented by the author and which runs all the vicissitudes of the protagonists of King. We can therefore see intervene Pennywise, the project Arrowhead, Carrie, the Tommyknockers, Misery, Christine and many more. Apart from the trailer below, we do not have more precise information on the series or even a release date.


The character will be found Mike Hanlon in the new adaptation of the novel Stephen King.

Image du film Ça de Andrés Muschietti
© Warner Bros Pictures - Tous droits réservés

The number 19 in the Stephen King universe

In the works of Stephen King, the number 19 is an important part of the mystery. And the obsession of the author for this number went off June 19, 1999, the day King had a serious car accident that nearly cost him life.

Saturday, June 19, while Stephen King walks along his property in Lovell, is hit by a truck. Its driver, Bryan Smith was distracted by his dog in the back seat and at deflected from its trajectory. The author of nine suffer fractures in his right leg, a femoral neck, a punctured lung and four broken ribs. After three weeks of hospitalization and five operations surgical, Stephen King finally released from the hospital on 9 July 1999 and starts to write on the 24th of July.

This date will remain deeply rooted in Stephen King universe that rewrites his novel The Dark Tower to include references to the number 19. This figure becomes the password to access the next world, will become the name of the country 19, the digit in Nort explain what it is to be dead.

This number becomes for the reader, but also to Stephen King’s eyes a way to support a fate, a destiny imposed by the Ka and a key to access the world of the Dead.

Following that date, the number 19 becomes recurrent in the works of Stephen King. The author discretely conceals or explicitly. He himself made some references to American specialty sites to maintain the mystery.

Stephen King is so obsessed with this number when JJ Abrams and Damon Lindeloff met the author in order to buy the film rights of The Dark Tower, Stephen King has requested $19 for the seven novels.


In Salem novel, Jerusalem’s Lot was discovered in 1765. By adding all its figures, the number 19 is obtained.


In this cult novel by Stephen King, Jack Torrance has been sober for 19 months, the presidential suite was reserved 19 times while the staircase to the second floor has 19 steps. The forbidden room access Danny is 217 (2 + 17).

The Stand

In The Stand, the clock of the responsible military base of the virus stopped June 13, 1990 at 2:37 and 16s or 06:13:90:02:37:16. By summing the digits for the day is obtained 6+1+3+9 or 19 and as for the time: 2+3+7+1+6 = 19.

One of the meetings of the Standing Committee of the free zone is held on 19 August.

Dead Zone

In Dead Zone, Johnny the last number selected in the wheel of Fortune is 19 while the handshake between him and Greg Stillson held a 19 August.


Christine, the car haunted was destroyed a January 19.

The Dark Tower 2—Three Cards

In the second part literary saga, The Dark Tower, Roland pass 19 days on the banks of the Western Sea. The first name of Edward Cantor Dean has 16 letters plus 3 words. The Lady of Shadows, 19 letters is schizophrenic. It has the identity of Odetta Holmes, his true identity and that of Detta Walker, Walker is the maiden name of his mother. When merging its two identities, she gave birth to the character of Susannah, the middle name of Odetta. The forenames Odetta, Detta Susannah and 19 respectively thereby forming letters. Detta Susannah Walker also gives 19 letters. The Detta D is the fourth letter of the alphabet while the O Odetta is the fifteenth. The letter S Susannah is 19th letters of the alphabet.

The Dark Tower 3—Lost lands

In Lost Lands, the character Eddie severe the number 19 in the wood an animal sculpture and sees this figure in the campfire. The Rolling Stones song “19th Nervous Breakdown” is heard by Jake.

In the library of Calvin Tower, Jake bought two books: Charlie the Choo-Choo Claudia y Inez Bachman (19 letters), written at age 19 and with a copyright 1936 (1 + 9 + 3 + 6 = 19) and Riddle De-Dum. He noted that there are only 19 pounds after purchase.

It is in this novel that Jake will discover for the first time the Rose, location 298 (2 + 9 + 8 = 19) in Block 19. We also learn that she has 19 petals.

The Dark Tower 5— The Wolves Scalla

In this fifth novel The Dark Tower, the characters Roland, Eddie, Susannah, Jake and Oy realize the importance of the number 19. They see that the branches of a tree form the number 19 while Eddie sees the figure in a campfire. A patch of blue sky in the form of a 19 in the sky cloudy while Jake and Susannah realize they have brought 19 pieces of wood for the campfire. To explain it feels weird, Eddie said he feels “19”. Roland group calling itself Ka-Tet 19. Andy the Messenger, Android has the serial number DNF-44,821-V63 (4 + 4 + 8 + 2 + 1 = 19) and depends on the “Directive 19”.

The Dark Tower 6—Song of Susannah

In Volume 6 of The Dark Tower, the company “Children’s Games” is the sum of $69,211.19 in a cabinet. By adding the numbers 6 + 9 + 2 + 1 + 1 = 19. Tower of Housing and Deepneau bears the number 19 while the fuel pump East Stoneham General Store stops on the 19. Eddie think the Cosmic Rose is immortal and it will always be there in 19,000. Stephen King explains that King Crimson tried to kill him for the first time in 1954 at the age of 7 years. If we add the year, 1 + 9 + 5 + 4 = 19. We also learn that he called The Lord of the Spiders which includes 19 letters. Stephen King also revealed that he had met his wife when he was 19 years old.

The hotel room when traveling and Susannah Mia carries the number 1919 while that of Jake and Callahan’s World Trade Center is number 883 giving 19 if you add up all the numbers.

The Dark Tower 7— The Dark Tower

In this latest novel literary saga,the family of Stephen King will live to 19 Turtleback Lane. There are 595 doors building wherein is taken to Susannah Fedic, making 5 + 9 + 5 = 19. The password to access the Dogan control room is Fedic 2–5-4-1-3-1-2-1 giving 19 by adding each digit. The first number that Ted Brautigan bed in the doctor’s mind is 748. When Breakers look in the Key World the date specified June 19, 1999 to 9:19. The music played on the radio of the car Bryan Smith are “Gangsta Dream 19” of Owt-Ray and Juss “Hey Nineteens” Steely Dan.

More examples follow this link.

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