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An anti Comic Con religious demonstration has just been trolled by two fans of Star Wars

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At an anti-Comic Con religious demonstration that is taking place on Sunday 23 July, two Star Wars fans joined the movement to troll them.

The Comic Con in San Diego is nearing its end and it is not to displease the religious associations that see in this event all that it is not. To show their displeasure and encourage people to read the Bible rather than the latest adventures of Spider-Man, Ninja Turtles and revered superheroes, his religious decided to gather in front of Comic Con's gates to brand posters .

Trolled by fans of Star Wars

In order to respond with tact and humor, two Star Wars fans decided to join the event and display two beautiful placards saying, "Only two people were born from a virgin birth: Jesus and Darth Vader. Coincidence? I think not" and "And when I saw only one set of footprints, says the Lord, sandpeople travel in single file to hide their numbers."

The story does not tell us if the protestor took this humorous response, we only received this picture taken by friends in San Diego. However, it will make us laugh.

Manifestation religieuse anti Comic Con trollé par des fans de Star Wars


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